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Care For All Ages

Adults & Chiropractic

‘Do you also see adults?’


Certainly we do, but we are often asked that question due to our name.

Our approach is:

  1. Pain reduction
  2. Improve function
  3. Strengthen weak areas
  4. Prevent similar injury when possible
  5. Consider having a check-up from time to time once you have recovered.

We employ the best researched and best suited techniques and approach to your injury.

You may be familiar with some: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation or DNS and Neuro Impulse Protocol or NIP.

DNS and NIP are both diagnostic protocols and therapeutic approaches in one. The emphasis is restoration of normal function.

The adjustments to the spine and neuromuscular system that we utilise are of a less manipulative character than you may have experienced before, or normally associate with chiropractic.

We also include soft tissue techniques for muscle and ligament injuries and look at ways to rehabilitate and strengthen weak and injured areas. We may discuss your needs with your yoga instructor or personal trainer.

Posture is a bit of an insight to how we are feeling. Regaining better posture is an essensial part of you recovering.

Often corrections made to your daily life and lifestyle will assist your progress.