Care For All Ages

At CHIRO CARE for KIDS we aim to provide the highest possible quality of care to our patients.
We aim to restore normal physiological balance though gentle, specific adjustments to the spine and related muscles and joints.
We take particularly interest in chiropractic treatment for babies and children, and hold additional postgraduate qualifications in chiropractic paediatric, as well as twenty-four years experience working with children.

Paediatric Chiropractic for babies

Does my baby need chiropractic?

How do I know?

Problems arising in the spine are often silent before they become symptomatic.

That is the case for infants and children just as it is for adults. Most adult bio-mechanical back pain seems to come from nothing.

Statements such as: “It came out of the blue”, “I was only picking up my toothbrush” or “I felt nothing until I got out of bed” are everyday news to a chiropractor.

“Nothing comes from nothing” is also a true statement, and while spine pain often seems to come from nothing, naturally a problem was silently growing in the back ground. There are lots of factors such as: poor posture, lack of fitness, repetitive strain, progressive wear and tear to name a few.

The causative factors for infants and spine pain are somewhat different; as are time factors.

Here are some:

  • trauma in utero
  • forces of birth
  • lack of floor time
  • insufficient tummy time
  • use of baby walkers or jolly jumpers

Infants don’t complain of back pain when they have pain or stiffness in the spine.

  • They have torticollis, or wry neck.
  • Can’t turn to feed to one side.
  • Sleeps always with the head to one side.
  • Suffers cranial deformity.
  • Doesn’t roll over in time.
  • Doesn’t crawl in time.
  • Crawls while dragging one leg.
  • Is irritable.

A trained, experienced health care professional who specialises in paediatrics can assess for problems in the spine.

When spine problems can go unnoticed just as visual, hearing or dental problems can.