Care For All Ages

At CHIRO CARE for KIDS we aim to provide the highest possible quality of care to our patients.
We aim to restore normal physiological balance though gentle, specific adjustments to the nervous system.
We are particularly dedicated to specialising inchiropractic treatment for babies and children.

Children & Chiropractic

As with Paediatric Chiropractic, Chiropractic for Children is first and foremost safe and very gently and is all about assisting children to function to the best of their ability.

Our focus is first and foremost to rule out pathology, and then to assess for any functional compromise to the spine and neuro-muscular system, that may be affecting various aspects of life.

No children are small adults.

Not even teenagers, despite the fact that they sometimes tell us differently!

Children are still growing and developing physically and therein lies the biggest difference between chiropractic for children and adults.

Pain, stiffness and deformity may result in a child not developing well and normally. This child may not meet his “Developmental Milestones”.

The Developmental Milestones are “pre-programmed” into us. They are essensial steps that help us develop breathing, eye movements, speech, posture, gait and much more. The development of the child’s brain also depends on the body- brain feed-back. Balance and coordination for instance have impact on eye movements, tracking and hence proficiency in say: reading or hand writing skills.

Part of our assessment of children take issues of development into consideration such as Neonatal or Primitive Reflexes, the suppression of these reflexes and the progression of more complex neurology, posture and movement patterns.

Signs and Symptoms of faulty development:

  • Slow to reach Developmental Milestones
  • Poor Posture, Slouching
  • Poor Coordination
  • Turning Foot in
  • Knocked Knees
  • Sitting in “W Position”

Other Common Presentations:

  • “Growing Pains”
  • Clumsiness
  • Osgood Schlatter Syndrome
  • Pain after Sport and Exercise