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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CHIRO CARE for KIDS only for children?

NO. We see people of all ages, but we take particular interest in neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions affecting children and that is reflected in our name.

Do I need a referral to come?

No. While some patients are referred here by another health care provider, but you can just book in.

Do you see Medicare patients?

Yes. Here you do need a referral from your GP.

Do you see DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) patients?

Yes. Here you do need a referral from your GP.

Do you see Workers Compensation patients?

Yes. Strictly a referral is not required, but we like to communicate with your GP.

Initial Consultation. What happens?

We listen. You explain what brought you or your child here. We do a physical examination to try to diagnose the problem. This consists of appropriate neurological, orthopaedic, postural and muscle tests. Then we discuss the findings with you and explain how we can work with you to make you feel and function better.

Do I need X-rays or scans?

No. Not as a rule. We do generally not diagnose via X-rays. However, if it is clinically indicated that X-rays are needed to rule out pathology, fracture etc. then we use X-rays. The same goes for CT and MRI. It is fair to say that most neuro-muscular complaints we see do not require X-rays.

Treatment Consultation. What happens?

Treatments at CHIRO CARE for KIDS are not predetermined or pre-programmed.

We assess how you are today. What has happened since your last visit?

Are you progressing? Yes, good. No, why not?

Typically you will receive adjustments, which are precise, specific stimulation to mechano-receptors and proprioceptors in the joints and muscles. There may be soft tissue work to muscles to loosen up localised stiffness. We always look to strengthen weak areas with specific exercises and we like to do them with you until you get it right!